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Update from the Department of Veterans Affairs

OWRNC is approaching capacity in columbarium

Submitted by: Matthew  Metschke - Cemetery Director, Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery


Dear Funeral Professional:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your continued support and cooperation as it relates to the Veterans and families we serve at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery (OWRNC). Without your dedication we could not deliver the "best" service to the "greatest" customer in the world!

As many of you know, or this might be the first time you have heard, OWRNC is approaching capacity in our columbarium. Cunently, there are approximately 150 niches left and by the time you receive this letter, our numbers will have decreased. OWRNC is currently undergoing an expansion. We expect to have ground broken by spring time 2017 and an early tum-over of two columbarium walls by summers end 2017 .

I know this will be an inconvenience for some ofthe Veterans families you will serve. Please let them know that OWRNC still has in-ground burial of cremated remains and scattering options available. Many families, on the other hand, may elect to hold the cremated remains until the new columbarium is completed. It is important to express that OWRNC will not be able to provide "long-term" storage of cremated remains.

When scheduling, please note that the National Scheduling Office knows that any cremation service, scheduled after March 1't. 2017, may result in families wishing to utilize the columbarium, will have to choose between our in-ground option, scattering of cremated remains, or the family will have to retain the um until our new columbarium expansion opens. We will keep you updated on progress of our construction via newsletter or official letter, so your families can plan accordingly.

As always, feel free to call upon me if any questions or needs arise and together, we can assist our Veterans and families with "world class" service. My email is matthew.metschke@va.eov and my office number is (330) 335-3069 ext. 105.


Matthew  Metschke - Cemetery Director, Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery