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Obituary for Dorothy Evelyn Day

Retired Funeral Director and Owner, Mother of Michael K. Day, Sr. and Cassandra Day-Moore, Mother-in-law of Alison Day, and Grandmother of Michael K. Day, Jr., all of The House of Day Funeral Service

Dorothy Evelyn Day
Mar 20, 1927 - Mar 28, 2020

Dorothy E. Day, 93, of Toledo, Ohio, passed away, March 28, 2020. Dorothy, alongside her husband, the
late James Day, founded The House of Day Funeral Service in 1964. In 1990, she built a new facility,
located at 2550 Nebraska Avenue. Mrs. Day was a retired Teacher of the Toledo Public Schools, where
she taught for over 25 years, and she has been a Licensed Funeral Director since 1969. A leader in her
community, she was active in various community and civic affairs. Mrs. Day was an active speaker, in
many of the area churches and was a leader for Women’s Rights. She is the author of a book of
Inspiration Poems entitled, “Down, But Not Out”. Her legacy continues through her two children,
Cassandra Moore and Michael Day, Sr. licensed funeral directors and embalmers, grandson, Michael
Day, II, licensed funeral director and daughter‐in‐law, Alison Day, licensed funeral director. She was a
member of the National Funeral Directors Association, Ohio Funeral Directors Association and
Northwest Ohio Funeral Directors Association.

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